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Women's Circles & Retreats

Do you crave intentional time to work on personal growth, self-discovery, and self-care? 

Do you want to add ritual and sacredness to your everyday life? 

Are you yearning for connection with other women who are seeking the same?  

We aren't meant to go it alone. 

Come experience the magic that happens when women gather to share experiences, show support and raise each other up.  

A women's circle

What is a women's circle?

A women’s circle, sometimes referred to as a red tent or moon lodge, is a gathering of women. It can be held in person or virtually.

It’s a safe space to share experiences, set intentions, create community, and experience both healing and growth.

Women’s circles are a “Girl’s night out” but with intention.  It’s where conversations go deep. 

It’s a place where you can feel seen and heard, share your dreams and goals, listen, learn and offer support.

But it's not all serious!  There are lots of laughs, fun activities and a chance to relax in the company of other women.

What a women's circle is NOT. 

As important as it is for you to know what a women's circle is, it's just as important to know what it isn't.

It is not a:

  • religious ceremony. While we do have an altar, it's to create a beautiful space that honors our time together.  

  • gripe session. We're here to listen, share our experiences and support each other, not complain or give advice. We learn to become our own healers.   

How often do women’s circles meet?

Usually monthly for 2-3 hours.  Some meet less frequently but for longer periods of time such as a full day or weekend retreat.

Circles can meet at any time, but they typically meet near or on the new moon or full moon.

Others meet seasonally according to the Wheel of the Year:  Imbolc (Feb 1 halfway point between winter and spring) Spring Equinox (March 20 - 23) , Beltane (May 1 halfway point between spring and summer), Summer Solstice (June 20 - 23), Lammas (August 1 halfway point between summer and fall), Fall Equinox  (September 20 - 23) and Samhain (October 31 halfway point between fall and winter), Winter Solstice (December 20 - 23).

Women's Circle & Goddess Gathering

What happens at a women's circle?

In a word: Magic!  Gathering with intention is incredibly powerful, but the typical logistics go something like this:

The gathering starts with a welcome to open the circle and a simple ritual to create a sacred container or space for the group. The group gathers around a circular altar made up of flowers, candles, crystals, and any objects that participants bring to personalize the experience.  The opening ritual is followed by a group share/check-in.

Depending on the theme of the circle, activities could include yoga, meditation, discussions on a particular subject, a guest speaker, journaling, an arts and crafts activity, oracle card reading, and a potluck meal.

The circle ends with a group share/check out and a ritual to close the circle.

That's it!  Is a simple but intentional way to enjoy time together. 

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